Where it all began


It’s hard to believe sitting here typing this, that our entire business came out of a casual conversation with my friend. Charlotte and I were on our way home from town when she casually asked me what my dream job would be. I instantly replied “I’d love to have a range of corrective cosmetics for men” …

That was the light bulb moment that you often hear entrepreneurs talk about, it was like something just clicked at that moment. And every day since then (June 2017) we have been working on creating our very own range of corrective cosmetics for men.

Coloured cosmetics can hide and control skin problems in less than 5 minutes whilst most medicated products can take up to 6 weeks before you see any result. Both men and women have skin problems, both can have break-outs so there is no reason why both shouldn’t have products readily available to them.

I naturally assumed the role of Product Developer as I have tried every product on the market since the age of 16 to try and ‘fix’ my acne and rosacea. I tried every kind of cream, wash, scrub and medicated product out there, nothing worked for me. Instead of trying to cure the problem I thought about covering it instead. I used my sister’s product’s but they never looked right, they were too heavy and obvious. I found 1 product that was kind of OK but could have been better. The other major downside was that the products were designed and packaged for women. I felt it was unfair that a man should have to walk into a pharmacy and browse all of the women’s products, there should have been an alternative-so we created one and Mohecan was born.

Mohecan Male Grooming is at the beginning of a global skincare revolution and I am proud to take my expertise and product range to the global market.

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Where do I even start…I first met Marc when he was the new guy in the firm where we both used to work. I couldn’t get over how good his hair and skin looked all the time. Little did I know that he was wearing 4 different products on his face, all expertly applied! We became friends instantly and spent pretty much every day together. I never thought that a simple conversation that took place in my car would lead us here. I guess the jobs we were in at the time offered little in the way of dynamism or opportunities. We’re both really creative thinkers always looking for the next exciting thing, the clock-in clock-out thing just never appealed to either one of us. We would spend most of our days staring out the window waiting for home time, which is no way to live when I look back on it.

If you had told me that from June 2017 we would have to establish a limited company, trademark our brand internationally, successfully compete for a place on Enterprise Irelands New Frontiers program, win an IBYE award, learn the ins-and-outs of regulatory & compliance not to mention ISO’s and GMP, become accountants, solicitors, sales & marketing people, content creators, employers, cosmetic manufacturers and HR and I.T specialists I would have laughed my head off. But we have! It is truly amazing what 2 nobody’s from County Waterford under the mountains can achieve when they have the same goal in mind. We are excited to see what the future holds for Mohecan.

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